About me

On January 10th, my family and I made aliyah to Israel, specifically Kibbutz Hannaton in Emeq Yizra’el (Jezreel Valley).

My most recent gig, which lasted 21 years, was as Director of the Middle East Project of the Jewish Community Relations Council of San Francisco.  After the second intifada began in late 2000, I was asked to create an effort within JCRC designed to confront the determined anti-Israel activism in the Bay Area.  In this capacity, I led the effort to shape the Bay Area Jewish community’s strategic approach to Israel education and advocacy.  I served as chief spokesperson to the media, was published in major publications in the US and Israel, spoke to hundreds of groups to educate them about the issues, and created multi-media materials used in my Israel advocacy work.

I have four daughters, one in Los Angeles, another in Munich, Germany and two others who are here in Israel with us.  Of these two, one is serving in the IDF as a company medic, the other is in fifth grade.


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